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A Level Film Studies 


Welcome to the home page for the Film Studies A Level course at Trinity Catholic High School.

We use the EDUQAS exam board.  It is a 2 year linear course (Course code - H409).

Students are assessed at the end of Year 13 in the following ways:

WRITTEN EXAM - Component 1

2 Hours 30 Minutes

35% of Overall Mark 

WRITTEN EXAM - Component 2

2 Hours 30 Minutes

35% of Overall Mark 

COURSEWORK - Component 3

Internally assessed

30% of Overall Mark 

To download the specification click here

For further details, visit the exam board website.

On the EDUQAS A level Film Studies course you will study a wide variety of topics, films and skills on the following units:

Induction Unit
Component 1 - Varieties of Film and filmmaking
 a - Hollywood 1930-1990
 B - American Film since 2005
 c - british film since 1995
Component 2 - Global Filmmaking perspectives
a - Global film
b - documentary
c - silent cinema
d - experimental film
Component 3 - Coursework
Introduction to filmmaking
short film production coursework

2 Year Overview

year 12

Term 1a - induction
Term 1b - Global film
Term 2a - documentary
Term 2b - Experimental Film
Term 3a - British Film
Term 3b - Silent Cinema/introduction to filmmaking

year 13

Term 1a - Coursework 
Term 1b - Coursework/American Film
Term 2a - American Film
Term 2b - Hollywood 1930-1990
Term 3a - Revision and Exams
Term 3b - N/A
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