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Media Studies Unit 3 - Coursework

Week 1 - Initial Ideas and Target Audience

Lesson Powerpoint

The powerpoint used in this week 's lessons is to the right.  You can look through this on this page or you can download it to your computer.

Lesson Content

This week's lessons covered the following key areas:

  • Overview of unit

  • Setting up a blog

  • researching videos

  • Target audience

Scroll down the page for information on the homework task and resources used in the lessons.


Complete all work from this week's lessons:

1.  Create a blog and send the link to me

2.  Create a post titled "Initial Ideas"

3.  Carry out research into 3 dance music videos and write 500 words on each of them

4.  Create your ideal audience member and write a 500 word post on this


Decide on the name of your artist/band and design a logo for them.

Post this to your blog and write a short post explaining your creative process and artistic choices.

Lesson Resources

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