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Media Studies Unit 1b - Media Language and Representations 

Week 6 - The Big Issue Magazine

Lesson Powerpoint

The powerpoint used in this week 's lessons is to the right.  You can look through this on this page or you can download it to your computer.

Lesson Content

This week's lessons covered the following key areas:

  • Social and cultural contexts

  • Politics overview

  • Political contexts

  • The Big Issue background

  • Analysing The Big Issue

Scroll down the page for information on the homework task and resources used in the lessons.


Prepare for a full practice exam on Unit 1b during your next lesson.

You will be asked about all 3 media forms you have studied on this unit - Advertising, music videos and magazines.

You will have to analyse at least one UNSEEN text.

Lesson Resources

Left and Right - The Political Spectrum explained.

This video summarises what is meant by left and right when discussing political viewpoints.

The Big Issue

Case Study texts

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