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Media Studies Unit 1b - Media Language and Representations 

Week 1 - Introduction to Unit/Advertising Texts

Lesson Powerpoint

The powerpoint used in this week 's lessons is to the right.  You can look through this on this page or you can download it to your computer.

Lesson Content

This week's lessons covered the following key areas:

  • Meaning in film - Narrative

  • Meaning in film - Aesthetic Qualities

  • Meaning in film - Contexts

  • Meaning in film - Representations

  • Key Text 1 Screening - Pan's Labyrinth

Scroll down the page for information on the homework task and resources used in the lessons.


Write a reflective academic  account of your first impressions of the first key text film, Pan's Labyrinth (Del Toro 2006).

Typed and Printed - 750 Words

Lesson Resources

Old Spice Advert

This is one of your key texts which you could be asked about in the exam.

You need to analyse its use of media language and what representations it constructs and offers.

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