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A Level Media Studies

Unit 1b Media Language and Representations - RESOURCES

Click for resources related to the following areas:

General Unit Resources

Advertising Resources

Music Video Resources

Magazines Resources

General Resources

Anchor 1

Exemplar Analysis Worksheet

This is an exemplar analysis of the Old Spice advert.

Use it to help you learn what to look for when analysing a text.

Advertising  Resources

Key text Analysis Worksheet

Use this sheet to help you analyse the set texts on this unit using media language and representation issues.

Anchor 2

Old Spice Advert

This is the set advertising text for perfume/aftershave adverts.

lucozade advert

This is the set advertising text for soft drink adverts.

shelter advert

This is the set advertising text for UK charity adverts.

TFM Media  - Lucozade Advert Analysis Video

This video covers the basic overview analysis of the Lucozade advert set text.

music video  Resources

Anchor 3

Emeli Sande - Heaven

This is the first of the set music video texts.

david guetta - titanium

This is the second of the set music video texts.

Anchor 4

Magazine resources - The Big Issue

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