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Film Studies Component 3 - Coursework

Week 1 - Introduction to Unit and Short film research

Lesson Content

This week's lessons covered the following key areas:

  • The coursework brief

  • Production workbook

  • Short film research texts

Scroll down the page for information on the homework task and resources used in the lessons.


Complete your notes in the production workbook on the short films you researched in class.

Complete 3 of the general research sections (influential scenes).

Lesson Resources

Production Workbook

If you need to re-print the workbook, it is here.

Night Fishing (Park 2011)

Pitch Black Heist (Maclean 2012)

Watch full film on Film 4 website here

The Gunfighter (Kissack 2014)

Curfew (Christensen 2012)

Connect (Abrahams 2010)

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