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Film Studies Induction Unit

week 2

Key Content

  • Key elements of film form - Mise-en-scene
  • Key elements of film form - Sound
  • Diegetic and Non-Diegetic Sound
  • Parallel and Contrapuntal Sound
  • Key elements of film form - Editing
  • The Kuleshov Effect
  • Continuity and Montage Editing



Analyse how meaning and response are created in the opening sequence from It Follows (Mitchell 2014).

Use detailed textual examples and refer to mise-en-scene, sound and editing.

1000 words.  Typed.  Printed.  Cover Sheet

Lesson Resources


Watch the opening extract from Back to the Future (Zemeckis 1985)  and look at all of the ways mise-en-scene is used to tell us about character, narrative, genre, aesthetic qualities and setting.

Parallel & Contrapuntal Sound

Watch the extract from Face Off (John Woo 1997) and take note of the way parallel sound is used for the first 2 minutes and then contrapuntal sound is brought in as 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' begins to play.

The Kuleshov Effect

Montage Editing

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