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Media Studies Unit 2a - Media Industries and Audiences 

Week 5 - The Radio Industry

Lesson Powerpoint

The powerpoint used in this week 's lessons is to the right.  You can look through this on this page or you can download it to your computer.

Lesson Content

This week's lessons covered the following key areas:

  • Factsheet

  • The BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show

  • Ofcom

  • Typical Exam Question

Scroll down the page for information on the homework task and resources used in the lessons.


Complete the exam question planned in class.

700 Words

Typed, printed with a cover sheet

Lesson Resources

Learning Booklet (for all industries in this unit).

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Ofcom Video

- Watch the video to obtain a little more information about who Ofcom are, what they do, how this relates to the BBC and some of the issues surrounding their role in the regulation of the broadcasting industry.

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